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Turnkey PCB Assembly with LG LEDs for LED Lighting

Shenzhen Aibixing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-techprofessional EMS/OEM Manufacturer located in China, also a good qualified manufacturer of LED PCB, LED Lighting pcb and LED circuit board.
Product Details:

Simple detail:

Layer: 2L

Material: FR4 +LG LEDs

Solder mask: White


Surface: LF HASL

Application: LED light.

Shenzhen Aibixing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-techprofessional EMS/OEM electronic assembly anufacturer located in China, also a good qualified manufacturer of LED PCB, LED Lighting pcb and LED circuit board,we supply Various high quality LED circuit board and LED PCBA with competitive price.

  (Hole Size)

(Drilling hole size)

0.6-6.0 mm

(FG hole size)

0.6-6.0 mm

(Hole tolerance)

± 0.075 mm

(Tolerance of hole position)

± 0.1 mm

(Aspect ratio)

5 : 1


(Min solder bridge)

4 mil


(Tolerance of outline dimension)

± 0.1 mm

(Max board size)



(Impedance tolerance)

± 10%

  (Heat conductivity)

(Low heat conductivity)


(Mid heat conductivity)


(High heat conductivity)


(Peel strength)

≥1.8 N/mm

(Surface resistance)


(Volume resistrivity)


(Breakdown voltage)


(The solder resistance)

260°C , 10min, 
(260°C,10min, no delamination, no blister)

(Dielectric constant)


(Dielectric power factor)


SMT and DIP are integrated on the PCB board parts of the way, the main difference is that SMT does not need to drill on the PCB, the DIP pin in the need to insert the hole has been drilling holes.
SMT (Surface Mounted Technology)
the main use of the placement machine is to install some small parts to the PCB board, the production process: PCB board positioning, printing paste, placement machine placement, back to the furnace and made of inspection. With the development of science and technology, SMT assembly can also be a number of large parts of the placement, such as the motherboard can be mounted on some larger size parts. SMT integration when the positioning and the size of parts is very sensitive, in addition to the quality of solder paste and printing quality also play a key role. 

DIP is the "plug-in", that is, in the PCB version of the insert parts, At present the industry has manual plug-in and robot plug-in two ways to achieve, the main production process: paste glue (to prevent tin plating should not have places), plug-in, test, wave soldering, brush version (removed in the furnace The process of leaving the stain) and made the test.

Our advantages:
Product's design: as per customer's drawing or sample.
Production equipment: machining center, CNC engraving milling machine, CNC, lathe machine, milling machine, punching machine, CNC milling machines, centerless grinding, SMT lines with Fuji machines, AOI, SPI, X-RAY, and BGA rework facilitiesand many other precision equipment.
QC system: 100% inspection before shipment.
Packaging: vacuum bag, single polybag, bubble bags, wooden case or as requests. 

Quality guarantee:
Our company with good quality and sincere services.
The main materials we use are all high level in the domestic.
We offer stable quality, preferential price, on-time delivery and refined services.


We also provide convenient quick-turn parts sourcing forourcustomers globally.We can purchase various brand IC, Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor etc.
Quote requirement for pcb manufacturing & pcb assembly:
…Gerber file and BOM list
…Clear pictures of pcba or pcba sample for us
…Test method for PCB assembly


Please contact usfreely for any PCB manufacturing or PCB assebmly issues:
Shenzhen Aibixing Industrial Co.,Ltd
Skype: abxing.pcb

We are one of the leading China manufacturers focusing on LED PCBA fabrication. If you are interested in our turnkey pcb assembly with lg leds for led lighting, welcome to contact our factory. We're sure to offer you the best quality products on time and excellent one-stop service.

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